Swansea University Sanctuary Scholarship 2022 | Apply Now!

Swansea University Sanctuary Scholarship is ongoing in the UK, kicking off the 2022-2023 academic calendar.

It targets qualified students for postgraduate and master’s degree programs, prizing talent and diligence. Eligible individuals can commence the application, which must be submitted before the closing date.

Swansea University Sanctuary Scholarship: What You Should Know

It is available to people seeking sanctuary in the United Kingdom, helping them reach their full potential in academics.

  • Eligibility depends on the applicant being an asylum seeker.
  • Only one postgraduate taught master’s student is supported in this program per year, including all benefits of the scholarship coverage. Some of these benefits are:
  • Funds to pay part of the student’s itinerary (for commuting to and from the school),
  • Stipend covering some of the students’ daily needs,
  • Books and digital equipment

Further, you get the full tuition fee covering the course duration for the 2022-2023 session.

An postscript at the end of this list (Key Information) says that the students do not receive cash. Here is a clip below.

“Please note that payment is not awarded in cash. Remittance is awarded via travel passes, university catering cards, equipment, etc.”

Learn more about the Swansea University Sanctuary Scholarship in this article. Read on below for details.

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Swansea University Sanctuary Scholarship: Eligibility Criteria


The Swansea University Sanctuary Scholarship is for asylum students looking for an opportunity to study in the UK. So, it typically requires the following from the students.

  • Be an asylum seeker with discretionary leave to stay in the UK (alternatively, a Humanitarian Protection will serve)
  • An asylum seeker in the UK mentions you as a partner or a dependent, provided that the partner is legally married at the time of application and none of the children (if any) is older than eighteen)
  • Possess an offer (regardless of the terms) from Swansea University to start a postgraduate taught master’s degree course in the UK
  • Have a corresponding International@CampusLife Team detailed assessment as an asylum seeker in the UK
  • The place of residence is close to the school or easily covered in a short time.
  • An ongoing community or college that provides a supportive reference in your application.
  • Show evidence of financial independence regarding living expenses and residence.

Besides these criteria, the student will have to pass the following English Language proficiency tests (as it appears on the official websiteswansea.ac.uk),

“You meet the minimum IELTS requirement attached to your offer of a place on the course, and all other conditions of your offer, and you agree to undertake a SWELTS test to determine your IELTS status as part of the application process if necessary.”

Additionally, NHS-sponsored taught master’s programs are ineligible. The same extends to work and study abroad students in the UK.

Please, consult the website for the details.

How to Apply for the Scholarship

If you already obtained an offer from Swansea University (otherwise, get one first), submit the following documents along with your application.

  • Immigration Status (scholarship depends on it)
  • Evidence of Swansea University offer letter (preferably a photocopy)
  • A letter from your reference (teacher, community, or other groups) recommending you for the master’s degree program.

Subsequently, the student will have to verify his immigration status and appear for evaluation before the Sanctuary Scholarship Review Panel. Until a student provides evidence to repeal the panel’s decisions, the process doesn’t extend after the deadline.

Applications end on June 30, 2022. Ensure you apply in time.

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