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The Rhodes Scholarship 2022 for postgraduate studies is currently ongoing. Applications are open for students from every country who meet the eligibility criteria.

It admits students for a postgraduate degree course at the University of Oxford, England. Although it is tough call, batches of students have made the list since the scholarship’s inception.

The application criteria are available on the rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk website, encouraging students to apply for the program if they meet the requirements.

“If you have read about the Rhodes Scholarship and think that it is for you, the next step is to find out if you are eligible to apply and which constituency you should apply to.”

Subsequently, the applicant fills in his country of origin in the specified box to check for eligibility. The cue will analyze the detail and determine if the country is eligible or not.

We highlight crucial aspects of the Rhodes Scholarship 2022 University of Oxford here in this article. It typically has covered and subsidized costs and benefits for the scholarship awardees.

Read on below for details.

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Rhodes Scholarship 2022: Benefits for Applicants

The Rhodes Scholarship 2022 benefits cover monetary and non-monetary aspects of the postgraduate program. Below are some of the general benefits (each course may have benefits that do not apply to the others).

  • Financial prop to fast-track the students’ visa renewal fee payment, including HIS application depending on course duration.
  • Also, the scholarship awardees get two economic class flights covering itinerary to and fro the United Kingdom. It typically covers flights at the beginning and end of studies.
  • The Rhodes Scholarship 2022 pays Settling In allowance to scholars switching to another program in Oxford, England.
  • Further, the 2022/2023 session pays £17,310 yearly stipends, which is the cumulative £1,442.50 monthly stipend, covering accommodation and living expenses.
  • Rhodes Scholarship 2022 Fund covers students’ visas and International Health Surcharge (HIS).
  • In addition to the annual Stipends, Rhodes Scholarship 2022 takes care of the tuition fees for the supported University of Oxford courses.

If you want more details about any terms and conditions or the extent of the Rhodes Scholarship 2022 coverage, check the official website.


Only applications from eligible countries can apply for this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

Please, check the official website for the eligibility criteria for all the postgraduate courses in this program.

However, you need to get rid of these detractions to prepare optimally for the application.

Rhodes Scholarship 2022 is for all eligible applicants. As such, it prioritizes diversity and transparency. So, applicants do not need genius-level intellect or a CEO personality to apply for it.

It also uses an inclusive selection criterion, which debunks myths like _

  • The scholarship is elitist,
  • Rhodes is for select universities, or
  • Rhodes is for extroverted individuals.

An on-screen cue will take applicants through the criteria in steps.

Before you apply

Ensure you understand the scholarship coverage, provisions, and tuition details

  • Do not duplicate a form since multiple entries could disqualify you from the procedure.
  • Ensure you have the required English Language Proficiency or language certification obtained from the appropriate sources.
  • Also, sign up for the Mailing address to keep track of your application and get notifications on time.
  • Finally, do not submit false information or fake documents.

Additionally, if you have dual citizenship, use the country you are more connected with as your country of origin. It would ensure you have enough roots and a potential reference base.

Class 2022 is a 104-member cohort, selecting engineers, medical doctors, theologians, etc. from thirteen universities globally.

How to Apply for Rhodes Scholarship 2022/2023

Please, always check the official website for the application portal.

Bear in mind:

  • Only students from eligible countries can apply
  • Only graduate students are eligible for the scholarship
  • Additionally, the scholarship covers mixed courses at the University of Oxford.

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