Malaysia Government International Scholarship (MIS) Fully Funded

Malaysia Government International Scholarship: Application for the MIS 2022/2023 scholarship is ongoing. Every eligible person can apply for an opportunity.

Specifically, it targets international students with brilliant precedents in the academic fields looking to further their education. Malaysia makes the perfect foreign designation for students to pursue a degree, and it offers the chance for MIS 2022/2023 session.

Also, the current program is in line with the country’s stride towards global education.

You can join the community of international students vying for the best spots in global academics. How do you get this opportunity? First, know what it is all about.

Read on below for details.

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Malaysia Government International Scholarship (MIS): Eligibility Criteria

Accordingly, the MIS 2022/2023 scholarship program targets specific recipient countries, highlighting the applicable conditions for the students. So, all eligible applicants must meet either of the following criteria _

Looking to study for a full-time postgraduate program, preferably a Master’s or Ph.D. program in the MIS supported institutes and universities;

Have an ongoing Master’s or Ph.D. program in any Malaysian public university or supported private university.

Moreover, all applicants are required to be _

Less than forty (40) years or forty-five (45) for the Master’s Degree and the Ph.D. respectively;

Excellent academic results (CPGA 3.0/2nd Class Upper or higher for the Master’s program while CPGA 3.0/Good Master’s program results all related to the course of interest);

  • Proficiency in the English Language;
  • Submit at least one written research.
  • Note:
  • The English Language proficiency requires the following qualifications.
  • Received previous education via the English Language
  • 550 TOEFL total score in the Paper-Based-Test (PBT)
  • 6.0 or higher IELTS score

Consult the official website for the complete details of the scholarship, including details on conduct. See the available benefits for successful candidates in the following section.

MIS 2022/2023 Benefits

Here is the coverage of the MIS benefits for students _

It covers tuition fees and monthly allowances (RM1500), adjusting for living expenses in the country.

However, it doesn’t cover the itinerary for international students. So, the applicant should also be able to pay for the travel expenses independently.

Non-material benefits of the MIS 2022/2023 (for the MTCP branch) are:

  • To share the experience with other developing countries;
  • To strengthen bilateral ties with developing countries;
  • To encourage and promote South-South Cooperation; and
  • To encourage and promote technical cooperation within developing countries.

*MTCP is the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program.

Moreover, the Government of Malaysia International Scholarship will seem another phase for students with co-curricular previous studies.

How to Apply for Malaysia Government International Scholarship

Before you access the application form _

  • Ensure you read and understand the guidelines to avoid deviating from the stipulations;
  • Follow the rules and regulations;
  • Do not submit more than one application form.

You can get the guidelines and scholarship details HERE.

Apply for the scholarship

  • Go to the official online application system to fill out a form.
  • Also, ensure you attach due references.
  • If you are applying for the MIS 2022/2023 based on endorsement, use the appropriate channel.
  • Ensure you submit your application within the specified time.

Application Deadline _ June 15, 2022.

You can get more information about the scholarship from:

Scholarship Division

Ministry of Education

Level 2, No 2, Tower 2,

Jalan P5/6, Precinct 5,


Hotline: +603-8888 1616 or +603-8870 6368.\

Good Luck!

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