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All eligible African students can apply for the Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students, which is currently in progress.

Applicants are advised to submit their application on time since the online facility does not provide a window upon closure. 

The yearly scholarship is in the purview of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), targeting non-resident foreign citizens of the country to achieve set goals at the intersection of culture, science, and technology.


The scholarship program targets Italians Residing Abroad, under Law 288/55, which seeks to promote Italian economic interest globally.

Key Takeaway:

The grants from this program are not academic-specific in purpose since individuals looking to train, research, or pursue higher learning in prestigious institutions are eligible for the procedure.

Versatility in a concentrated economy is the goal here.

Also, the Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students has a banner description for the project. You can see a clip below.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) offers grants in favor of foreign citizens not residing in Italy and Italian citizens living abroad (IRE)* for the academic year 2022-2023 in order to foster international cultural, scientific and technological cooperation, to promote Italian language and culture and to support Italy’s economic system in the world (According to Law 288/55 and its subsequent changes and additions).

Italy was a cradle of artistic and artisan renaissance a few centuries ago. The country looks to revitalize the prospect in the twenty-first century.

So, you can get the grant to further your education up to the post-graduate level. Moreover, you get to access the first-hand Italian education system under a supportive program.

Do you wish to apply for this scholarship?

Then read on below for details.

About Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students

Eligible Countries, Applicable Courses, & Institutions has a webpage for a list of eligible African countries for the program. Titled, ELIGIBLE FOREIGN COUNTRIES, the list goes beyond African countries to include Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Jordan, Haiti, Hungary, Niger, and Nigeria.

You can see the complete list on the official website.

This is where the program extends to Nigerians, roping eligible individuals from the country into the broadband of scholarship.

Moreover, the supported Host Institution is the Italian Higher Education Institute(s). The covered fields are advanced courses in Arts (same applies to the Music and Dance aspects), research under proper tutelage (Progetti in co-tutela), etc.

As per Tuition _

In the interim, candidates may not have to pay enrollment and tuition fees as stipulated by the higher institution _ albeit, studies in the language and cultural areas remain unchanged.

Grantees may seek a particular prospectus for the assigned university. Regardless of the preferred requisites, the following insurance coverage applies.

Insurance for Grantees _

Covers accident and medical-related events provided that the incident doesn’t extend from before the Health & Medical Insurance.

Accordingly, MAECI provides insurance for every successful application during the study period.

How Long Does a Program Last?

The programs could last up to nine (9) months, although the basic sketch is scheduled for six (6).

Eligibility Criteria: Who Can Apply?

Individual Applicants _

You can apply if you are in one of these two categories: foreign students from the eligible countries mentioned previously and students who identify as IRE.

Also, the relevant qualifications must be available.

Apart from the demographic limits, different courses select for applicants who do not exceed a specific age.

Other Requirements include _

Proficiency in Italian, certified by an appropriate agency, with B2 being the threshold for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Proficiency in the English language, requiring similar certificates under the CEFR

However, courses rendered in English exclude proficiency in Italian by default.

Additionally, Ph.D. and Research candidates do not need proof of language proficiency.

See the Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students closing date below.

Closing Date: Apply Now!

All applications must be conducted at the online facility on or before June 9, 2022.

Ensure you understand the requirements for each scholarship in this program before applying. Also, you can check that your documents are aligned with the grant criteria using the official websiteLINK

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