Humboldt International Researchers Fellowship 2022 | Apply Now

Humboldt International Researchers Fellowship: The Humboldt Research Fellowship for International Researchers and scholars for the 2022 postdoctoral and research program is ongoing.

It covers postdoctoral and research works in supported areas, including mentorship and support in various sponsorship portfolios. Qualified candidates can apply for the fellowship before the closing date.

What You Should Know

  • It is sponsored by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, with German research institutes hosting the fellows.
  • Applications are welcomed from all countries.
  • Target academic levels for the scholarship are Postdoctoral and research scholars.
  • Also, the program last for an unspecified period, offering several awards to participants.


To keep in touch with the details of the application procedure, sign up for a mails on the Humboldt Foundation web portal. Then, login to your account and check the inbox for updates and notifications.

Moreover, if you work as a Research Reviewer, check the research fellowship reference for details, least of which requires proper referencing for the research essay. Typically, you only get to fill the list of questions for expert reviews (in PDF format) using English or German.

Who is qualified for the Humboldt Research Fellowship?

There are criteria for the candidates, and we highlight some of them in the following section.

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Humboldt International Researchers Fellowship: Eligibility Criteria

You will have to provide the following details in your CV or application to qualify for the process.

Only non-German nationals are eligible.

Researchers will have completed their doctoral studies within twelve (12) years of the Humboldt Research Fellowship application, with academic profile substantiated by an extensive list of publications in academic journals and by publishing houses that are reviewed according to international standards.

Also, applicants must not be residing in Germany for six (6) months within the eighteen (18) months before the fellowship.

Proficiency in German and English

Candidates must have obtained their doctorate four (4) years before applying for the fellowship, although a doctorate within six (6) months of completion (with written summaries on ground) is acceptable.

To Boost your Chances of Getting the Fellowship _

  • Ensure you understand the fellowship coverage, provisions, and tuition details
  • Do not duplicate a form since multiple entries could disqualify
  • you from the procedure.
  •      Also, sign up for the Mailing address to keep track of your
  • application and get notifications on time.
  •   Finally, do not submit false information or fake documents.

How to Apply for Humboldt International Researchers Fellowship

You can prepare an application form using the following documents:

  • Well-referenced publications,
  • Curriculum Vitae,
  • Doctoral Certificate or a provisory (pending the availability of the cert) which proves that the doctorate program is completed,
  • Research outline,
  • Confirmatory statement from the host and two expert reviews affirming that the research facilities are available.

Subsequently, you can apply for the Humboldt Research Fellowship for International Researchers 2022 through the official web portal (LINK).


If you are new to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, create a user account to get notifications. Also, you can contact the CS from the official website for details and FAQs.

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