Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) 2022 | Application Steps & Criteria

Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) _ is an ongoing program for African developers looking to clinch a spot in tech globally.

Google attempts to help software developers navigate tech for growth and innovation. The result is the current annual program targeting young developers in Africa.

Also, it is a two-way approach that grooms prospects in the positions of Associate Cloud Engineer and Associate Android Developer.

By the end of the program, young developers can tackle real problems with new and better skillset.

At a Glance:

  • The GADS program creates access to multiple courses, with projects and embedded labs to boot.
  • On completion, a Google certification is available for the successful developer.
  • Also, most Google-certified developers either directly build innovation or influence its creation.
  • Although there are invaluable opportunities in this program, it only has so many opening for applications.

So, you can learn the steps for applying for the Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2022 here. Read on below for details.

Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2022: About the Program

It is a layered program that assess the participants using different courses. Google Africa Developer Scholarship teaches Android concepts to enhance the skillsets of the developers.

According to the website, the following features are available for the participants:

  • Master in-demand Google developer skills with expert-authored Pluralsight content
  • Develop your skills and be prepared to take the Associate Android Developer Certification exam
  • Receive mentorship support from the GADS program and the Google Developer community

Developers looking to get into the process can follow these simple preliminaries _

  • Complete the requisite ONBOARDING SURVEY.
  • The registration form becomes available upon completing the survey.
  • Fill out an Associate Android Developer Skill IQ, or viewing on-screen Pluralsight Skills.

Further, all applications must be submitted on before the set deadline.

See the benefits of the program in the following section.

Scholarship Benefits

Already, the organizers have a benefit drafted out for the qualified applicants. It reflects the targets of the two Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) conveners, Google and Pluralsight.

Below is a clip explaining the benefits _

  • Receive mentorship support from the GADS program and the Google Developer community
  • Master in-demand Google Cloud skills with expert-authored Pluralsight content
  • Build the expert Cloud skills needed to elevate your IT career
  • Gain the confidence to apply for a new Cloud role
  • Prepare to take the Associate Cloud Engineer Certification exam (According to the 2020 Google Cloud certification impact report, 70% of job applicants with a Google Cloud certification received at least one job offer)

What You Should Know

Some criteria for the scholarship are subject to change, depending on the terms that apply.

For example, Pluralsight attaches a notice saying that it can change some criteria. Regardless, these basic steps will always remain constant during the entire period.

Getting Started _

  • Onboarding survey
  • Registration form
  • Either of the toolset, Associate Android Developer Skill IQ or Pluralsight Skills content.

Additionally, Grow with Google and Pluralsight launched the program to spur young African software developers into the field. Since the focus is on youths, only developers who are at least eighteen (18) years old can apply.

Your Onboarding Survey factors into the selection process. Andela and Pluralsight will use it to access your qualification, which depends on whether the survey was finished.


Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) 2022 is supported by Grow with Google, Andela, and Pluralsight.

You can apply here _ LINK.

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