Gondar University Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

You can apply for the ongoing Gondar University Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program for 2022-2023. It targets students from East Africa, offering undergraduate and graduate programs.

The current session covers tutelage and funding for students seeking tertiary school education. Hence, all eligible applicants are encouraged to apply for the opportunity.

Of interest is the deference to students with disabilities, with the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program offering graduate and postgraduate courses.

According to the official scholarship portal, students get sufficient funding to pay for their accommodation and housing. This includes access to cafeteria and lounges, each providing meals with beverages three times a day (cafes will open 18 hours every day).

Moreover, the student has access to all the facilities available in campus, including health and recreational facilities. Here is a description from the site.

Health facilities _ along with a Hospital, the University has a number of treatment centres, including an eye treatment centre and support groups for students with disabilities.

Recreational facilities – student lounges and internet cafes

Sports and fitness facilities _ our sport and fitness centre is currently under construction

For details, consult the Policies and Regulations official website regarding the following fields.

  • Child Protection
  • Disability Policy
  • Students’ Code of Conduct (yet to be uploaded to the website)

You can check the above categories on the Gondar University Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program website for on-ground policies concerning beneficiaries of this scholarship.

Read on below for details.

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Gondar University Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program: Eligibility

The ongoing Gondar University Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program requires all applicants to meet these eligibility criteria.

  • Students must have enrolled for the course at the time of application. (Same goes for all the categories in this program).
  • Only Ethiopians are eligible for the undergraduate scholarships.
  • Also, applicants from East African countries like Eritrea, Djibouti, South Sudan, Somalia, etc., provided that the applicant meets other criteria in the list.


The Gondar University Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is in two parts _
  1. The Master’s taught program open for eligible applicants from East African countries;
  2. Undergraduate Programs for Ethiopian youths only

It typically holds in the University of Gondar, covering tuition and subsidizing the student’s expenses. In the long run, 290 undergraduate scholarships will be offered to students.

Additionally, supportive life skills and training in areas like communication and social skills, entrepreneurial skills will be rendered.

Ethiopians applying for the scholarship will meet these criteria:

  • Evidence of sitting for the last two EHEECEs at most, with the requisite scores for admission.
  • Only applicants with impaired hearing, visual and mobility handicap can apply.
  • Also, applicants will have to be financially independent and disposed to contribute to their community.
  • Only Ethiopian nationals are qualified for this program. Hence, no international student should apply.

Eligible Courses

The Gondar University Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program supports only the specified courses in the program, which broadly covers the following fields.

  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Social Science

Check the official university website for the list of complete courses.

How to Apply for the Scholarship

You can apply for the Gondar University scholarship using the guideline in this section.


University of Gondar requires every applicant to fill out the application form online and submit in time. Applicants can get the necessary writing tools online and download Referee Letter from the portal.

How do you submit the form?

You can use any of these methods, when your application form is ready (by default, Referee Letters are also applicable):

After filling in the required details, click on SUBMIT APPLICATION (or other icon/prompts).

Alternatively, you can send your application to mcfsp.uog@gmail.com.

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