FINCAD Women Scholarship Program 2022 for Graduate Level Studies

FINCAD Women Scholarship Program 2022: eligible women can apply for the ongoing US$20000 budget for women’s education.

As part of its effort to foster an enabling network for women in academics, FINCAD holds an annual Women in Finance scholarship run, earmarking up to twenty thousand dollars for 2022’s.

Women in the field of Finance, including parts of the Finance institution, are eligible for the scholarship. Also, applicants from sub-fields like risk & asset management, capital markets, and derivatives Finance can apply.

At a Glance:

The FINCAD Women Scholarship Program 2022 attempts to onboard more women into financial institutions, allowing for gender inclusivity.

The eventual winner gets US$20000, half of which goes to the winner’s institution of interest.

FINCAD is incorporated by ZAFIN, operating as a capital arm of the parent company.

Learn more about this ongoing scholarship opportunity in this article.

FINCAD Women Scholarship Program 2022: Eligibility Criteria


The application process does not carryover merit scores from the applicant’s CV. Hence, the following criteria must be met to make the list.

Applicant must have a graduate course underway in a Finance field within January 1, 2022 to February 1, 2023. (The chosen course must be relevant to the FINCAD Women Scholarship Program 2022 supported courses).

Alternatively, an ongoing Master’s Degree (or a PhD) in Finance, not exceeding the stipulated 2022-2023 period of study.

Moreover, the applicants are required to have at least ten (10) years of work experience and five years in a Finance-related position.

Additionally, every woman from any part of the world can apply for the program, provided that they meet the other criteria in the eligibility list.

FINCAD reiterates the last bit thus (See the clip) _

Applications are welcomed from female citizens of all countries who are enrolled in a post-graduate program (Master’s or PhD) in Finance at an accredited university. Please note, the Application Deadline is Tuesday, May 31.

Where Can You Apply

You can start your FINCAD Women Scholarship Program 2022 application at the official portal NOW.

The FINCAD official application page has an embedded link for carrying out the registration process, including uploading details and attaching requisite documents.

Also, you can provide the details in bits, then enter the remaining pieces of information before the deadline. However, all submitted documents must be valid and duly referenced before submission since no provision is available for oversights.

Ensure you present details that better project your qualifications for the FINCAD Women Scholarship Program 2022.

Apply here _

Good Luck!

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